The purpose of this document is to aggregate all the public Notion docs that Levels has created. This document was created January 3, 2022 by @Ben Grynol.

Culture Documents

Culture Handbook

Team Building at Levels - December 2021

What it Means: Team, Not Family

Confidence is Earned - May 2022

Velocity vs. Quality - August 2021

Productivity Documents

How Levels Does Meetings

Loom Best Practices

One on One (1:1) Meeting Best Practices

Principles of Decision Making - October 2021

Meetings and Memos

Ongoing Development Visibility and Stakeholder Communication

Effective Communication

Principles of Effective Communication - August 2021

Principles of Effective Communication - Solving for Synchronicity - October 2021

Principles of Internal Communications (Comms) - August 2020

[DEPRECATED] Project Management at Levels