Culture is what binds us together as a team.

It’s the set of assumptions we can make about one another without having interacted before. It's the way in which we get our work done, use our tools, and communicate and collaborate. It's the filter for who we work with and the agreed upon rules for working together.

We all play an active and daily role in shaping and forming this culture.

Were we to abandon our intentional culture – or not steward it as carefully – it would take natural turns and we could end up with with confusion, misalignment, infighting, disrespect, and a loss of cohesion. Intentionally setting, communicating, and focusing on our culture is the antidote to such outcomes.

Our cultural values have positively supported our mission to date and paid positive dividends, and we intend to continue building on this investment.

This handbook is a living document, meant to be added to, edited, and refined as our company and team grows. In it you'll find our thoughts on how we treat one another, how we are building our company, and the details of how we work.

<aside> ▫️ Why do we focus so much on culture?

Principles We Lean On

Trust & Autonomy at Levels

Asynchronous & Remote at Levels

Honesty & Respect at Levels

Experimentation at Levels

Velocity & Scrappiness at Levels

Disagree & Commit at Levels

How We Treat Each Other