➕ New Hires

We added seven new hires in January, bringing our total headcount to 40 fulltime team members.

Taylor Sittler joined us as Head of Research. Taylor is a physician and entrepreneuer, and the previous co-founder of Color Genomics and The Cusp. We’re excited to have him joining to lead our research efforts.


Shawn Grening, Dave Ten Have, Ian Schumann, and Maxine Whitely joined our Engineering team, bringing skills and experiences ranging across consumer health and hardware, e-commerce software, and engineering management.





Britney McLeod and Sunny Marie Negless joined our Operations Team to expand our ability to provide exceptional support to members, and to grow our overall operational capacity. Both bring exceptional operations, support, training, and hospitality skills to the team.



We have a number of offers or signed candidates across the following roles, with start dates due in February 2022 and beyond.

More to follow once those new hires get started in February.

Open Roles

We’re actively recruiting for the roles posted below. If you know candidates who may be a fit, please feel free to introduce us – no need to double opt-in.

💼 Corporate Counsel

We're looking to add a second attorney to our legal team to help with contract drafting and negotiations, as well as aid in compliance, privacy, and regulatory matters. (Intros to [email protected])

📖 Associate Editor →

We're hiring an associate editor to help in all aspects of our content operation, producing deeply reported articles that build education and awareness around metabolic health. (Intros to [email protected])

💻 Software Engineer →

We're hiring software engineers to help us design and build mobile and web interfaces, backend services, integrations, and member interfaces. (Intros to [email protected])

📔 Chief of Staff

We’re looking for a Chief of Staff to work with our Chief Medical Officer to own a range of strategic projects, with a focus on building a playbook for managing our Advisors. (Intros to [email protected])

🎨 Product Designer →

We're hiring a designer to help us build beautiful, innovative and inspiring experiences to support our members in realizing their health and wellness goals. (Intros to [email protected])

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