2021 Year In Review Video

We released this video at the end of last year to recap our progress in 2021 across hiring, product & design, content, medical advisors, partnerships, and culture. Thanks for your support over the course of the last year – we greatly appreciate it.



➕ New Hires

Karin Nielsen (LinkedIn) joined us in December as GM for Expansion, bringing our fulltime headcount to 36. Karin will be working from London and is focused on launching and growing Levels in non-US markets. She’s a 2x product founder (most recently in consumer fintech) and has led ops and international expansion efforts. Karin is also involved with Seedcamp and OnDeck Health. We’re excited to welcome her to the team!


🪧 Open Roles

We're actively hiring for the following roles, with the newest additions being Corporate Counsel, Recruiter, and Chief of Staff. If you know candidates who may be a fit, please feel free to introduce us – no need to double opt-in.

Our full list of openings can be found at levels.link/careers.

💼 Corporate Counsel

🤝 Recruiter

📖 Associate Editor →

💻 Software Engineer →

📔 Chief of Staff

💶 Accounting Manager →

🎨 Product Designer →

🚀 Product