🧭 Mission

Levels has a singular focus:

To solve the metabolic health crisis.

Currently, the statistics related to the metabolic epidemic are staggering, suggesting we need radical intervention focusing on prevention rather than reaction to disease:

Levels empowers people with the tools needed to achieve health goals and improve health span.

Levels is a health technology company enabling individualized health optimization. We’re working to solve the metabolic health crisis by increasing accessibility to biomarkers, like real-time glucose, which are known to affect our health and risk of disease. Within the next five years, our goal is to shift the focus from healthcare to prevention, create transparency in the food industry, and provide individual empowerment through personal data.

🔭 Vision

To provide the technology and information necessary for everyone to understand how our lifestyle choices affect our health in real time, empowering optimized lifestyle decision-making.

⚖️ Founding Values

<aside> 🗒️ Summer 2021 – Our values as they appear below are from the original founding of the company. The principles are all still valid, but as of today we reference the Culture Handbook for our principles and values.


We seek to build a company and culture of ethical innovation. The following is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of core values, rather, it is a selection of the guiding principles that our team will embrace in order to succeed.


Do the right thing. Think of the people we strive to help, and ensure our actions align with their best interests. An example is our belief in the right to personal data autonomy, which underlies our decision to never sell personal data to third parties.

Put science first and invest in improving lives over our bottom line. If valid research demonstrates that one of our products is not helping people, change or remove the product—regardless of how well it sells.


Be fully accountable for responsibilities and manage them through to completion. Help others do the same. Support those who seek more responsibility and correct those who avoid it or shift blame.


Embrace evidence, learn from failures, accept criticism, and be prepared to change opinions. Uphold intellectual honesty and avoid dogma.

To ensure communication is effective and inclusive, speak openly and in simple language. Minimize industry jargon and acronyms to establish an environment within which everyone can understand and be understood.


Consider how things should be, rather than how they are, then make it so. Take justifiable risks and meet challenges with determination.

Bias toward action - pursue progress over perfection.


Practice what we teach. Maintain a balanced lifestyle, foster mental and physical health, and influence those around you to do the same.