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Investor team,

We had another strong month in September. Our new engineers have onboarded quickly and we’ve been able to maintain development velocity as we’ve scaled the team; our podcast efforts have continued to bear fruit, with Josh’s appearance on The Kevin Rose Show being particularly well received; our waitlist has continued to grow at an accelerating rate, exceeding 35,000 by the end of the month; thanks to the new EHR built in collaboration with TruePill, we were able to scale up our capacity faster than anticipated.

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We had a strong finish to the quarter, reaching dev completion for a number of our biggest projects around actionable insights and closing the loop through automated event detection.

We also made progress bringing Challenges in-app, and better visuals for the metabolic score. Finally, we set aside time to explore Q4 product concepts, which will drive a conversation around the big rocks we want to move in Q4.

We more than doubled the size of our engineering team over the last 2 months, so we’ve invested heavily in developer onboarding to make sure the next time we double the size of the engineering team, it goes just as smoothly. We expect to be able to maintain development velocity as we scale up the team.

Insights Feed

We released the first version of our Insights Feed, which is the foundation for proactive insights into your metabolic data. The feed currently shows program and education-based cards, which gives context for a customer’s stage in the program, whether getting started, developing metabolic awareness, or pursuing metabolic fitness.


Event Detection

We made significant development progress toward launching event detection. With this feature, we’ll be able to detect interesting features, like a glucose spike that is missing a log and push a notification to the customer to ask, “What did you do at this time?” to further close the loop on how our actions affect our health. Event detection is set to launch in October.


Import Heart Rate from Apple Health/Google Fit

We now have the ability to import heart from other wearable devices synced to Apple Health and Google Fit. This feature helps us develop deeper insights into glucose trends on the data science side as well as value-add features for customers.

Strenuous exercise auto-detection

We’re now able to automatically detect and flag an exercise as strenuous using our heart rate data import. High-intensity exercise can cause a glucose spike that shouldn’t affect scores negatively. This feature was launched to internal testing, and will be available early October for customers.