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Business & Operations


I love the sense of transparency, trust, and empowerment we have across the entire company. I’m surrounded by amazing people dedicated to solving the metabolic health crisis.

Chris Jones Head of Member Experience (LinkedIn) Montana

We are truly member centric – every decision we make is with our members best interest in mind. We are all working towards the same goals: helping our members succeed and solving the metabolic health crisis. I wake up every day knowing that something new, exciting and challenging lies ahead.


Mike DiDonato Head of Success (LinkedIn) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Jesse Lavine Operations Specialist (LinkedIn) Houston, Texas

As a type 1 diabetic, CGMs have changed the way I manage my disease. I’m so excited to expand this tool and empower people with knowledge of how their bodies work from the inside out. And, our remote-first culture allows me to squeeze my travel bug.

I was a Levels member long before I became an employee. Tracking my blood glucose in real-time was eye-opening to say the least. The more I learned about my own metabolic health, the more I wanted to help others do the same.


Matt Flanagan Operations Specialist (LinkedIn) Asbury Park, New Jersey


Mercy Clemente Operations Specialist (LinkedIn) Austin, Texas

I’m empowered to make decisions and work on my own time and I’m thankful that I’m surrounded by brilliant people who I truly enjoy working with.



Justin Stanley Software Engineer (LinkedIn) Winnipeg, Canada

I love that I get to work so closely with product and design, and am empowered to contribute my ideas/opinions to directly influence the product we’re building together.

My time at Levels has revitalized my passion for what I do. It’s challenging work that makes a difference. Couldn’t think of a team or environment I’d rather be working in.


Murillo Nicacio Software Engineer (LinkedIn) Lisbon, Portugal


Ian Schumann Software Engineer (LinkedIn) Austin, Texas

One of the best parts of Levels (among many) is that we’re in this for the right reasons. I’m surrounded by smart, humble, capable people who truly want to leave a positive mark on the world and make a little bit of history. That’s a good reason to get out of bed.

Marketing & Growth


Mike Haney Editorial Director (LinkedIn) San Diego, California

I’m grateful for our commitment to being science-based and honest in how we communicate about our product and metabolic health in general. We truly value building trust between us and our members.

Async over sync. Memos over meetings. Levels is changing the game for “remote work” and I love it! It’s because of the Levels culture and the trust from our team that allows me to focus day-to-day on deep work and experiment with every project.


Tony Milio Multimedia Producer (LinkedIn) New Jersey


Jackie Tsontakis Growth Generalist (LinkedIn) New Jersey

I’m able to align what I am doing everyday with my personal values. I feel so lucky to be working on a problem I care deeply about, alongside the most intelligent, passionate and collaborative team I could imagine.

Working on our mission with such an incredible team is the most rewarding work I’ve ever been a part of – I’m truly grateful to work with so many smart people to solve a global problem, every day.


Ben Grynol Head of Growth (LinkedIn) Winnipeg, Canada

Research & Development

Every team pushes boundaries and it congeals into progress on one of the most impactful technology missions happening. I can’t fully explain it yet, but nothing here is unintentional. Combine that with kind, fun, super capable people and there isn’t really a better place to be.


Shawn Grening Lead Responsible Engineer, Special Projects (LinkedIn) Austin, Texas