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Investor team,

February was a great month on a number of fronts. We’ve continued to rapidly iterate on the product and we’re starting to see an increase in traffic to our website from a number of channels and an increasing number of signups to the waitlist, which surpassed 3k high intent leads by the end of February.

We ran a product experiment in February in which we tested variants of “insight cards” with the aim of improving metabolic awareness for the end user. This was a highly-requested feature based on early user feedback. A few examples of the cards we sent users below.




Insights are a key way we aim to highlight where customers are in terms of metabolic health and point the path forward towards improved fitness.

We compiled and tested a variety of insight concepts and delivery channels this month including a Metabolic Health Summary (via email), competition (where do I stack up amongst the population?), trends (how might my actions lead to positive or negative outcomes?), healthy choice comparisons (which meals were best and worst for me?), factor analysis for meals, exercise optimization, and first week report (PDF via email). Feedback on each of these has been positive and we’re looking at ways to automate these insights.

The next major project for product in February was the design for a new end-to-end Levels owned funnel across sign-up, medical consultation, and fulfillment. Once this is implemented, we’ll have better control of the customer journey and we can start running CAC and conversion experiments.

Our current process involves several third party services and regular manual intervention at multiple points. The new design automates almost everything and relieves a major bottleneck preventing a public launch. We expect to have the first version of this new funnel implemented by the end of March.

We also made a number of performance improvements to the existing app, especially related to chart interactions and caching.

To date we’ve shipped the Levels product to 240 early access customers and we’ve continued to solicit and compile feedback from those customers, which have been very positive. If you’re interested to see some of this feedback, let me know and I can share the document with you.

The Levels program is a core feature in a controlled-glucose weight loss challenge starting in mid-March with dozens of participants. This will be an interesting experiment to see how the weight loss market reacts to our product.

We’ve launched a pilot program with PlateJoy involving an integration that allows Levels users to receive customized meal plans and shopping lists based on their CGM lessons learned. Many of our early customers have asked for this kind of diet plan, so we’re running this as a lightweight test to see how people respond.

We published 2 more blogs this month covering the links between mood disorders and glycemic dysregulation, and how glucose monitoring can help tailor an optimal diet.

The new device covers are finally receiving positive feedback. We’ve tried out almost a dozen versions (which we’re tracking here), and this is the first one that improves both the aesthetic and the performance of the hardware. We’re finally feeling good about it. You can see what it looks like in the photo below.


We have our first professional athletes actively using Levels in competition. Sarah Schermerhorn and Kimberly Hildreth are a top 10 beach volleyball duo and Olympic hopefuls. Both are using Levels as they ramp up for the AVP tour later this summer. We’re also seeing increased (and unsolicited) traction with influencers using our product. Our total influencer follower reach hit 1M by the end of the month. This approach is generating significant attention and will likely be a core growth strategy.



We had another photo shoot for the Levels team, adding 80+ new visual assets featuring our app and performance covers in action. You can find the photo assets here and the video assets here.

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