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Investor team,

October was a great month for us on just about every front. On the fundraising side, we took on an additional $7.5M in capital, led by Jeff Jordan and Vijay Pande at a16z. We’ll be announcing this raise as part of our $12M Seed round next week, so please keep this confidential until after the announcement.


We also saw continued, accelerating growth of our waitlist; a step function increase in website traffic, driven mainly by organic search, SEO, and user generated content; we were able to increase our operational capacity faster than anticipated, which allowed us to more than double our expected throughput for the month of October.

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In October, we focused on product improvements to make it easier and faster to log in Levels, including event detection. We also developed features that provide additional context both intraday (heart rate and sleep integrations) and across days (metabolic score trends). We spent time thinking through the designs for the big rocks we want to move this quarter — specifically improvements to the Metabolic Score (Day Score).

Event Detection

Levels now automatically detects high glucose events so customers can catalog significant changes in glucose that they may have missed.


This is a first effort to alert customers to meaningful moments, help them understand what they mean, and point the path toward progress. With event detection, we’ll be able to pull customers back in session for important events that they may not have been aware of. The backend is designed to support other glucose features beyond spike detection.

Performance Improvements and Faster Logs

Customers continued to ask for ways to make logging easier in Levels, so we released several improvements:

  1. The Levels app now opens up to twice as fast as before
  2. New logs save immediately after pressing the save button
  3. Offline mode delays have been removed
  4. Now you can add a log by long-pressing the Levels icon on your homescreen