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Investor team,

November was another great month for us. We shipped a number of highly requested product improvements, we publicly announced our Seed raise (which was picked up by 100+ publications including WSJ, Techcrunch, Business Insider), Josh and Casey continued their tour of the podcast circuit surpassing 100+ podcasts released and secured since August (with Casey's appearance on the Broken Brain Podcast being especially well received), and our waitlist has continued to grow at an accelerating rate, exceeding 55,000 by the end of the month.


Our current top priority is to find a Head of Growth, which will be our first growth leadership hire. All of our growth to-date has been from organic and earned channels, so this is a great opportunity for an experienced growth leader to take Levels into the next phase of the company. If you know of any candidates, please send them our way!

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November was a busy month with new features across the Levels app, representing improvements across solving member problems, exploring new idea spaces, improving app quality, and helping set the stage for scale. Notable features include heart rate syncinteractive challenges, and our first exploration into community features.

❤️ Heart Rate integration

Members can now sync heart rate data from Apple Health or Google Fit. In the Levels app, you’ll be able to see how your heart rate is associated with your glucose response by tapping any zone:


You can also enable heart rate data to display on the dashboard graph by turning on the setting in your profile.

🏋 Strenuous auto-flag

In addition to displaying your heart rate on graphs, Levels will use the heart rate data to automatically flag an exercise as strenuous so that glucose spikes from intense workouts don’t negatively affect your metabolic score. (If we don’t catch it automatically, you can still manually flag any workout as strenuous.)

🎯 Challenges v2

We launched the next version of in-app challenges, featuring a dynamic & engaging experience with better visual appeal. The Levels challenges are sets of tasks members can try that highlight lessons and strategies for gaining metabolic awareness and increasing metabolic fitness. The previous version of challenges simply displayed static text, and the first version was sent to members as a PDF over email.