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Table of Contents

🚀 Product

We shipped experiences to help people guide members through the Levels app with more intuitive information architecture and better designs. Our new charting system unlocked more than double speed gains for Android members while significantly improving our ability to implement data visualizations that better close the loop on how personal choices affect glucose response. We shipped our self-serve subscription signup, among other features.

🎨 Design Improvements

In May, we focused on a color system, Zone page experience, the organization of information for challenges, learning, and the Levels profile. We launched a redesigned Zone Review page incorporating the latest designs and descriptive scores and settled on designs for other pages.


If you're curious to see more on our visual design iterations, you can check out this deck.



📐 Information Architecture

We continued working on an intuitive information architecture that creates the best experience for our members.


If you're curious to learn more about how we're thinking about information architecture, you can check out this exploration deck from April. Feedback welcome :)

💳 Subscription Signup Flow

We launched the ability for self-serve subscription signup. The previous subscription signup process had a lot of manual work, which is now automated. This leads to a better member experience and lets us scale as well.


📸 Add Log Flow 2.0 with auto-complete

Based on early feedback, we learned that members valued a friction-free logging experience, so to date the add a log flow has been optimized to get in and out as fast as possible. This month, we took the opportunity to redesign the flow with a beautiful design that improves speed by adding an auto-complete experience that merges the copy previous log functionality with typing of notes. Additionally, the new architecture frees up room for future functionality to slot in nicely -- such as adding structured data (e.g., macros) or additional logging options like voice to text. Implementation started, and will continue into June.