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Investor team,

We had a great month in May, across the board. Our onboarding process, which was our biggest pain point in April, has largely been solved (see quote from an early access customer: “super easy to use, sensor/software takes 2 minutes to set up and is completely painless”), which will enable us to start to scale up this summer; our SEO strategy is continuing to bear fruit, with more than 10% of our traffic now coming from organic search (up from 7% last month); our waitlist growth is accelerating with negligible ad spend.

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May was a big month for product improvements. We continued to focus on making sure that at every step, the user knows what action to take during the onboarding period (through self-serve onboarding), making the app simple to understand (through merging the dashboard and history pages), and providing a tangible deliverable from the 28-day program through reports. Thanks for all of your sample reports last month—they were very helpful with our design process for the Levels reports.

Self-serve onboarding: We’ve received a lot of feedback from customers that they want an easier way to connect their CGM sensors to the Levels app. To date, the process has been largely manual via SMS with our team, and we did not provide in-app guidance or connection status feedback. This month, we released the first version of a self-serve onboarding flow within the Levels app that guides users through the process of setting things up, confirms connection status, and handles error troubleshooting edge cases.

Day Slider with Metabolic Fitness History: We merged the History page directly into the Dashboard to provide faster access to previous days. We also added a new day slider that is colored based on that day’s metabolic fitness score, to show progress over time, streaks, and to help quickly identify days that may be interesting. This has been one of our most well received feature releases to date!


Reports: Daily/Weekly/Monthly: Our largest push for June came with a suite of new reports aimed to promote adherence with the Levels program, show metabolic fitness improvement opportunities, and bring the program home with a final, tangible deliverable at the end of the program. By the end of May, we were code-complete for the daily report, and design complete for weekly and monthly reports. We’ll be launching the reports in June.

Daily report: The goal of the daily report is motivation for logging adherence and to incentivize consistent logging by providing a valuable daily summary of the inputs you provided over the previous day.



Weekly report: The intent of the weekly email is to motivate behavior change. It shows you where you're at, and points the path forward with visualizations on where you might optimize.



Monthly report: The monthly (or final) report is the “bow on top” that brings the 1 month experience together, summarizing a snapshot of your metabolic fitness (and weekly progress) and personalized meal analysis.


Sensor Refresh Icon: We also added a sensor refresh icon to make it easier to know when a data sync is in progress. You can also tap the sensor icon to get more details on connection status. Prior to this, one of our top support categories was questions about data syncing, and these have almost disappeared by the introduction of the sensor refresh feature.



May was another productive month on the content side. We’re continuing to see credible people in metabolic health speak highly about the content we’re publishing. If you’re interested in metabolic health and you haven’t taken a look at our blog, I highly recommend it (levelshealth.com/blog).