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Table of Contents

🚀 Product

In June we focused on completing the initial member-facing integration with Dexcom and were code complete by the end of the month. We’re launching our Dexcom-based product to several hundred members in early July and will be focused on engaging members for feedback on the new experience. Beyond switching to Dexcom, we focused on core aspects of the metabolic awareness program that will take us to launch, namely foundational information architecture. We also worked through several designs for experiments we want to test around community and a membership model for Levels.

📶 Dexcom Integration

Our top priority was finishing the Dexcom integration that would enable our initial limited launch to start gathering feedback from members. The bulk of this effort from the engineering side centered on order process and fulment as well as new Dexcom program logic driving an updated content and app experience. Member-facing tests start in early July.

📱 Glucose from Apple Health and Google Fit

We launched support for ingesting glucose directly from Apple Health and Google Fit.


📐 Information Architecture

We continued working on an intuitive information architecture. In June, we focused on developing sections for challenges, learning, and the Levels profile. We also designed a new historic data repository (“My Data”). You can read more about our efforts in last month’s investor update.



📸 Add Log Flow 2.0 with auto-complete

This month, we were nearly complete on the new add log flow, which was designed last month.


📊 Zone Analysis Charts

We shipped the new charting experience for Zone Review and Zone Analysis. We’ll continue work on updated charts for the Dashboard and My Data after designs are finished for them.