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Investor team,

We had another productive month in June. We made meaningful progress towards ops scalability; continued to increase our content production rate; kept up development velocity and released a number of highly requested features; and the waitlist signup rate accelerated, largely driven by organic social media posts and referrals from our existing customers.

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Our content strategy really gained momentum in June, across the board. We’re not only increasing our search ranking for our most important keywords (for example, reaching page 2 for the search term “glucose”, above diabetes.org, Dexcom, Abbott, and Medtronic), but we’re starting to have our blog posts accepted as featured snippets by Google.


If you’re interested in metabolic health and you haven’t taken a look at our blog, I highly recommend it (levelshealth.com/blog).

One of the most promising trends we’re seeing is that people on Twitter are organically mentioning Levels in the same breath as other credible brands in health and wellness.





Our website traffic continues to increase—up from about 21k trailing monthly visitors to 31k with negligible ad spend; 12.58% of our traffic is coming from organic Google searches—up from 10% last month.


Our average site position in search results improved from 23.5 to an average ranking of 16.7 for all of our most important key words. Our site showed increasingly high rank for common themes found in our content, like "glucose skin" (ranked 4.7 in June) and "healthy blood glucose levels" (ranked 8.1 in June).


Visitors to our site in June primarily went to the Early Access waitlist page and the Levels blog, and spent on average >5.5 minutes on top performing blog posts, including Ultimate guide to healthy blood sugar ranges and Understanding weight loss: why tracking glucose with CGM may be more insightful than tracking calories.

The Levels Blog: