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Investor team,

July was a great month for us. We saw an uptick in user generated content and customer excitement; organic search traffic increased measurably; we doubled the size of the engineering team; we launched a new website (below); and our waitlist continued its accelerating growth, exceeding 23,000.

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Table of Contents


In July, we made progress against our big-rock focus areas, while also carving out time to make sure we continually ship value-add features, like Apple Health integration.

The big rocks we’re moving in the product this quarter are:

  1. Seamless Journey: contextually relevant education and program material as the customer progresses
  2. Actionable Insights:
    1. Proactive user prompts based on anomalous events (e.g. dawn effect, high intensity exercise)
    2. Closing the loop on effect of activity on glycemic response
  3. Scalability:
    1. Refining the existing customer comms and reports
    2. Updates to flows that embrace delays and allow us to reach more active users

Insights Framework

In July, we laid the design and content foundation for what we’re calling the Insights framework, which is a step-change improvement for the experience that will enable the Levels app to provide contextually relevant cards based on a customer’s stage in the program and event-based cards with actionable insights.

We see this as the next big foundation unlocking actionable insights and we plan to start engineering design and implementation in August. You can get an early feel for what this new experience will look like from this demo prototype video:



We also defined the content for the first version of cards using the insights framework: education and program cards. With this release, customers will see (for example) how to apply their sensor on day 1 and other relevant information delivered when they need it.

Improved onboarding