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Investor team,

January saw a continued acceleration across the board. Our waitlist is up to 85k people; we shipped a number of key product features; our content and SEO efforts are becoming a larger percentage of total inbound; we’re starting to build our growth infrastructure in preparation for a full launch, currently planned for later this summer; and our members are still highly engaged and generating a lot of user generated content on social.


While we’re seeing a lot of early traction, I want to reinforce that we are still in beta and very much focused on product development and likely will be until this summer.

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In January, we focused on helping members learn what their glucose responses mean through improved contextual education, better content consumption experiences, and the start of new guided onboarding flows. We made progress on significant ongoing projects, like the next version of our Metabolic Score and our integration with Dexcom.

Our data science efforts are continuing to pay off with increased understanding of event detection and the beginnings of interesting correlations with sleep data. We also published a new product strategy doc for January 2021. Let me know if you’d like to take a look and I’ll share the link. We’d love to get your feedback if you’re product-inclined.

🎯 Zone Activity Feed

A key focus this quarter is helping our members understand 1) what their scores mean related to their wellness and lifestyle goals and 2) what they can do to improve. Since we now have in-app content, we took steps towards pairing relevant content in contexts when members are reviewing bad scores and wondering what it means and how to improve. We’ll be continuing this effort in February.



🔊 Audio Articles

We released the ability to embed audio versions of our education content. Education is a core value proposition of the Levels program, and expanding the forms of consumption gives choices to our members and is a win for accessibility.


🧙‍♂️ App Tutorials

We released a new UI framework for guided tutorials aimed to improve the getting started experience and educating our members on some of the most useful, but not immediately obvious features.