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Investor team,

January saw a lot of progress in product development. We released a significant iteration of our app (v88), based on what we learned customers wanted in the first round of the beta:

  1. A better way to engage with their metabolic data
  2. Understand how their personal actions affect metabolic wellness
  3. Find ways to optimize their actions to improve metabolic wellness
  4. Share their personal stories with friends and communities

A few features to highlight from this version (screenshots below):

  1. Interactive metabolic charts paired with personal activities
  2. Simplified scores show how your immediate actions and overall effort affect your metabolic wellness
  3. Reports: individual meal reports (Meal Score) and daily analyses (fitness, variability, average glucose, time in target, etc)
  4. Sharing: export the dashboard or any activity log to share with friends and on social
  5. Chat: allow interaction with the Levels team (currently through SMS)



We’ve been improving our models for the composite scores. Right now, we have two values: Meal Score, which is a simple 1-100 value that indicates how well you responded to a meal; and Metabolic Fitness Score, which is a composite score that measures how your overall day’s effort affects your metabolic health.

Looking ahead, we're experimenting with the next phase of our platform centered around advanced insights on how your responses compare to others and suggestions for optimization.

We’ve had some interesting conversations with several new manufacturers of continuous glucose monitors coming on the market later this year or early 2021. If they’re able to deliver, these devices will be an order of magnitude cheaper than those currently on the market and they have shown willingness to give us direct device access to pull in data.

The newest version of the app has automatic glucose data integration, so we’re able to provide regular reports and insights. This is a big step forward for the product and significantly reduces the overhead of our ops team.

The latest version (v88) of our beta app has been distributed to 77 of our newest customers who have collectively logged nearly 3,000 lifestyle events, and we’ve captured over 50,000 hours of glucose data.

We’ve also integrated a new admin dashboard using Retool, giving the ops team enhanced visibility into the app backend to improve customer experience. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it. It’s easy to use and it’s going to cut down the time engineering spends making custom admin dashboards by probably 90%. It’s a no-brainer for your portfolio companies.

Our packaging is now fully integrated with our distributor and all new shipments are fulfilled using our Levels branded packaging kit (see below).



Multiple social media nutrition influencers have joined Levels with combined ~800k followers. We’ve seen a lot of inbound interest and waitlist signups through them, so we’re going to do some additional testing with influencer channels.

We’re also continuing to iterate on our accessories to assist with sensor adherence during intense physical activity. One version is an elastic band and the other is an adhesive patch.



Performance Metrics

Burn: $86,977

Revenue: $10,802