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Investor team,

February was another strong month. Our waitlist is up to 95k; our development velocity is increasing; we’re gearing up our recruiting efforts; we had a number of high profile press pieces come out including New York Times, in which science editor Anahad O'Conner joined the Levels program, learned a lot about his diet, and reported on his experience emphasizing the promising future of CGM for health; and Men’s Health for which we were featured on the homepage (see below); our members are still highly engaged and publishing a lot of user generated content on social.

Specific ask: Can you connect me with 1 person who you think is an exceptional engineer? No need to double opt-in on my end. Even if they aren't looking for a new job, in my experience, the best people all know the best people, so I'd love to just get on their radar. We’ll give them complimentary access to the Levels program as a thank you 🎁


While we’re seeing a lot of early traction, I want to reinforce that we are still in beta and very much focused on product development and likely will be until this summer. Our target release date is sometime in Q3.

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In February we launched meaningful experiences that help our members understand how to think about their scores and what to do to improve. We also kicked off a major dashboard redesign intended to create a new canvas focused on the qualitative experience of what’s important now for each member. We launched new experiences that solved some of our biggest member confusion during the purchase flow, and kicked off an initiative to automate our subscription product, whose growth has strained our manual operations process.

🎯 Zone Activity Feed

Last month we focused on the rails to surface contextually relevant content, and in January we launched our first content focused on lower scoring zones and how to improve. A key focus this quarter is helping our members understand 1) what their scores mean related to their wellness and lifestyle goals and 2) what they can do to improve.


🎯 Dashboard v2

We kicked off a major redesign of the dashboard intended to open up a new canvas focused on the qualitative experience for our members. We’re planning two main surfaces: 1) a home page that focuses on what is most relevant now--from a glance that helps you feel how your day is going to being able to quickly understanding the next step in your Levels program and education journeys and 2) a quantitative stats page where we can go deep on interactive data. We’ve envisioned this effort from the earliest days of Levels and are excited to get started.


Our first step was to add the basic rails for the new home page. This required a rewrite of most of the existing dashboard code. We took the opportunity to learn from our first implementation, and the new version fixes the biggest pain point from our Android members. Now, Android should be as fast as iOS for dashboard interactions.




In January, we built the rails for the new dashboard, and next we’re focused on iterating on the individual elements inside of it. For example, the glance card, which appears at the top of the page and aims to help members quickly tell how their day is going.