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Investor team,

August was another productive month. Our major areas of focus were on building the team (including our Medical Advisory Board), going on podcasts, and onboarding our new engineers. We continue to see increased customer excitement on Twitter and Instagram. By the end of the month our waitlist had exceeded 28,600 signups.

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We made progress developing the upcoming insights framework launch (which we scoped last month) as well as productizing more scalable implementations of some of our core concepts (i.e. persisting zones and implementing a backend program state tracker).

We improved communications across the customer journey, including new biweekly update emails to customers awaiting order fulfilment, and movement of program emails to align with a customer’s week of program instead of calendar day of week. We also launched value-additive features based on customer feedback, notably offline mode and comparing more than two meal responses.

The big rocks we’re moving in the product this quarter are:

  1. Seamless Journey: contextually relevant education and program material as the customer progresses
  2. Actionable Insights:
    1. Proactive user prompts based on anomalous events (e.g. dawn effect, high intensity exercise)
    2. Closing the loop on effect of activity on glycemic response
  3. Scalability:
    1. Refining the existing customer comms and reports
    2. Updates to flows that embrace delays and allow us to reach more active users

Improved Pending Glucose Handling

We improved display of time periods that are pending glucose in the dashboard graph.


Behind the scenes, we upgraded our glucose data integrations to handle 10x previous volumes, setting us up to handle future volume.

Compare multiple meals

Customers can now compare multiple zones (up to 5 at a time). Comparing multiple zones lets customers gain context on which variants of meals work better than others, or which choices among substitutes are performing the best. It’s also an improved surface for sharing on social media and lets customers tell the story of their progress: