Levels is seeking a Visual Designer to help us build beautiful, innovative and inspiring experiences to support our members in realizing their health and wellness goals. As our first dedicated visual design hire, you'll have the opportunity to define the look and feel of a product that provides realtime biofeedback on how food and activity affect your health. To that end, you'll have a deep sense of empathy for how to transform data from raw numbers to elegant and engaging representations of personal choices.

<aside> 🗣 You can watch a deep dive on the product, how we work and the role in the video below.



Responsibilities of the role

About you

Why you might be excited about us

  1. We're working to solve a massive global problem and help people be healthier. If you're into health/wellness, fitness, and wearables, you'll love helping build our product.
  2. We care a ton about design. You’ll be joining a team that is ecstatic to implement best-in-class designs, and you won't be fighting uphill battles trying to convince people that design matters, as we already see it as a key value driver for our customers.