Early-stage, a16z-backed metabolic health startup hiring**: an experienced Signal Processing/Algorithms Engineer to join our tight team developing our game changing, data-driven consumer metabolic health products.**

This role is on-site in Austin, Texas. If that might be a deal-breaker for you, please apply anyway and let’s discuss.

Who we are

**Levels** is an early-stage startup working to solve the metabolic health crisis. We're doing so by empowering individuals with continuous real-time biomarker data, from tools like continuous glucose monitors, wearables, and bloodwork. Through Levels, people gain insight about the ways in which they can improve their metabolic health by optimizing diet and exercise.

If you want to know what we're all about, you should check out the following pieces of content from a few members of the co-founding team:

What we're working on

Poor metabolic health is a risk factor for many diseases, and few people have the right tools to create closed, positive feedback loops with their diet and exercise. We've seen massive value in using wearables that provide real-time insights, including continuous glucose monitors, to create informed behavior change. Currently these devices are used primarily to treat disease; our mission is to expand access to this technology early, and pair it with insight-driven software so that people can optimize their health behaviors before they reach clinical thresholds for disease.

Levels was the first to bring CGM and metabolic fitness to a wide audience for health and wellness and we have been forging a path toward ever more accessible and actionable products and services since our founding in 2019.

A few highlights:

We're still in the scrappy startup phase, and we’re looking for people who are comfortable with ambiguity and having wide impact. We've been distributed and remote-first since Day 1 (even pre-COVID!), and care a ton about communication, autonomy, curiosity, and initiative. Our culture emphasizes remote-first principles, which we embrace even for our team who are co-located in Austin.

Our team is highly experienced, and many team members have started and sold companies before. We love learning from each other and are looking for people who bring a new set of experiences and backgrounds to our team.

Role overview

First and foremost, we're looking for someone who is excited about what we're doing—you don't need to to be an expert in metabolic health, but you should be excited to learn and engage in the space, and dedicated to learning our business inside and out.