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The purpose of this document is to align the team on our goals as it relates to press and to come to an understanding around what parts of press are valuable for us and which parts are not.

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We have engaged with two PR groups in the history of the company:

We’ve received a number of press mentions (Levels Recent Press) across a variety of publications mostly with the intent to boost domain authority (described in greater detail below). This has paid off in a big way as part of our broader content strategy.

We’re also starting a bigger push for podcasts, which based on industry comps and customer interviews, we have reason to believe will be a good source of lead generation and it’s a common place that our customers get information on health and nutrition.

Press vs Growth

It’s easy to fall into the trap of chasing press because it gives short bursts of activity, but press does not drive growth. Real growth comes from scalable channels and evergreen content.


Given that the press is not part of the growth strategy, how should we think about the value of getting press for Levels? Here are a few ways in which press can be helpful to the company.

Domain Authority

A big part of our growth strategy is search engine optimization and content. One excellent way to improve the search rankings of our content is by boosting domain authority. The most effective way to improve domain authority is to build backlinks from credible institutions and domains.

When we engage in a press strategy, we need to make sure that there is a backlink to levelshealth.com in the article. We should seek to insert Levels into as many diverse places as possible and have them link back to levelshealth.com or one of our blog posts.

Social Proof